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Common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Car Accidents

When it comes to car accidents in the Carnegie area, it is hard to believe how disruptive they can until someone becomes injured in one. According to FoxNews.com, 40,200 car accident fatalities occurred in 2016. Many accident victims do not get the opportunity to make a full recovery from their injuries. They may have fractures, brain trauma and other serious conditions that can result in disability and death. 

Because no two accidents are the same, various factors including speed, time of incident and driver error often determine the severity of collision and injuries. It is not uncommon for a minor fender bender to result in serious and life-threatening injuries and a major collision to end with little to no injuries. Here is a brief overview of common car accident injuries. 

Head and neck wounds 

The most common type of car accident injury people receive is trauma to their backs and heads, states FindLaw. Severe trauma to those areas is likely to occur in car accidents because of the force of impact and objects involved. These injuries are often so serious that they can make it challenging for victims to survive and resume their normal functions. 

Broken bones and fractures 

Some motor vehicle collisions often end with the victims sustaining fractures and broken bones. Damaged bones can puncture the organs, blood vessels and skin. These wounds often take weeks and months to heal. Some individuals may need physical therapy and extensive surgery before they can recover. 

The use of seat belts, defensive driving skills and driver attentiveness can help reduce the number of collisions and injuries that occur on the roads. Immediate treatment after car accidents can lead to better outcomes.