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January 2018 Archives

What terms should you include in any real estate contract?

Anytime you are preparing to buy or sell property in the state of Pennsylvania, it is imperative that you have a legal contract in place to protect yourself and your investment. If you are relatively new at the process of transferring properties, you may be wondering what types of terms to include in contract that addresses all aspects of the sale. 

Overcoming the dangerous habit of texting while driving

A surprising number of Pennsylvania drivers can be seen texting while driving. Many seem to believe they are fully capable of managing a virtual conversation while simultaneously navigating their vehicle between road hazards and other drivers, all while following the many rules of the road. On the contrary, this dangerous behavior instantly puts the lives of not only the texting driver, but his or her passengers and all other motorists at risk. 

Reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate broker

If you are interested in buying or selling a property in Pennsylvania, chances are you have spent considerable time preparing for a successful outcome. If you are buying, your time has most likely been spent weighing different options, considering amenities and analyzing property valuations. If you are selling, you have probably spent time staging your property, updating things and creating a space that is desirable on an ever-competitive real estate market. At Gesk Moritz LLC, we are experienced in working with both buyers and sellers and we understand the risks they face. 

Can you build lasting relationships with subcontractors?

As a general contractor in Pennsylvania, you have probably noticed that a large part of your success is a direct result of the reliability of the subcontractors you hire to help you complete certain projects. Without dependable partners who are committed to facilitating the success of your project, you may run into costly problems including delays, missed deadlines and shoddy work. Fortunately, there are simple measures you can take to build lasting relationships with your subcontractors to better protect your company's reputation and the satisfaction of your customers. 

Elderly woman dies after airport fall, family sues

For families with disabled loved ones in Pennsylvania, one of the primary concerns they have is the safety and support of their family members who require assistance. While many public entities go to great lengths to accommodate disabled individuals and provide reliable help, there are times when lapses in communication, general oversight and even carelessness can result in the injury of those who rely on the vigilance of others to stay safe.