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May 2018 Archives

Understanding what is meant by distracted driving

You are commuting to work and thoughts begin circulating in your head about all of the things you hope to accomplish before the day ends. While you are driving to work, you remember that you need to put together an agenda for today's meeting and check your schedule to see when your son's soccer practice is tonight. It would also be nice to finish off that breakfast sitting in the passenger seat before you get to work. At Gesk Moritz LLC, we understand the debilitating dangers of distracted driving and have helped many people in Pennsylvania to become educated about how they can avoid putting their lives at risk. 

Is medical attention after car accidents necessary?

Many people in the Carnegie area do not believe they need medical attention after they have been in a car accident. However, some accident victims sustain life-threatening injuries and require immediate emergency care. Others, who end up with minor injuries may need medical attention and not even know it. 

The prominent risk of construction falls

Few jobs provide the satisfaction of building something with your hands. While construction work is something to be proud of, it also comes with some risk. In fact, the federal government notes that risk with an annual awareness campaign about work-related falls. Titled “Stand-Down to Prevent Falls,” it took place last week.

Building boom means continued focus on construction safety

The Pittsburgh area is in the midst of a building boom, and the construction industry has applauded by providing hundreds of workers to participate in a number of projects that include constructing three new hospitals, offices, apartment complexes and $6 billion chemical plant.