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The prominent risk of construction falls

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

Few jobs provide the satisfaction of building something with your hands. While construction work is something to be proud of, it also comes with some risk. In fact, the federal government notes that risk with an annual awareness campaign about work-related falls. Titled “Stand-Down to Prevent Falls,” it took place last week.

Among the sobering statistics: a study by Nationwide finds that more than 30 percent of construction workers’ compensation claims are fall-related. Falls are a leading injury in the industry, and the majority of those falls take place in businesses of 10 or fewer employees. According to the CDC, 61 percent of fatal falls occur with small construction companies. Falls in residential construction have more than doubled this decade.


As we discussed earlier, a construction company needs to provide fundamental safety for its employees. This means adequate training, but also supplies, staffing and equipment. Accidents are a part of any job, but many are avoidable by taking precautionary measures.


When an incident does happen, it’s important that workers know how to respond to the emergency situation.

  1. Call for emergency or medical services.
  2. Contain blood loss and other significant injuries.
  3. Document the scene, including notes of hazards, witnesses and take photos if possible.
  4. Choose words carefully when discussing the accident.

Injuries can be life-altering

While your employer is certainly concerned about everyone’s well-being, they will also have insurance and business concerns of their own. Anyone injured in a construction accident should consult with their own attorney for the best representation. While your employer wants a helpful resolution to the situation, it’s important that your interests are priority number one.

As you get medical treatment to recover, it’s essential to think about long-term health and any lasting effects from the injury. While your employer will likely want a fast resolution to the situation, you should take the time to carefully review your situation and your medical details to make the decision that is best for you.