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June 2018 Archives

How is technology used to monitor teen drivers?

As a parent, one of the most stressful times in your child's life is when he or she gets a Pennsylvania driver's license. This is a huge responsibility for your child and one that could lead to serious consequences if abused. It can be hard to let go and trust your child will always do the right thing when behind the wheel. However, if you are very concerned and want to be sure your child is driving responsibly, then you can turn to technology to help you out.

What is an attractive nuisance?

While you should be able to reasonably assume that uninvited people will not come on your property in Pennsylvania, it still may happen. This is especially true when it comes to children. They do not understand property rights or what it means to trespass. Sometimes, they are lured onto your property because you have something there that attracts them. When that something attracts them and could also harm them, it becomes an attractive nuisance, according to Nationwide.

Driverless cars may be shifting liability from driver to product

Recently, the first few lawsuits have been filed against driverless vehicle makers. There have been instances of autonomous vehicles colliding with pedestrians, motorcyclists, other vehicles during both testing and operational phases. Many of these incidents led to significant pain and suffering, serious injuries and in some cases, death.

What's the safest flooring for your business?

There are many aspects that go into starting a business in Pennsylvania. From marketing to hiring the right employees, you are probably making decisions constantly to get things up and running. However, one area you cannot forget about is your store. As you put it together, you need to keep safety in mind. Every choice you make could impact the safety of your customers, nothing more so than the type of flooring you choose. To choose the safest flooring, you need to look over your options and the pros and cons of each.

How home construction defects result in water leakage

A brand new Pennsylvania home or repairs to your existing home should be the last step in a long construction project. Unfortunately, if you start noticing water leaking down your walls, you may find your building project was not as complete as you thought. According to Builder and Developer Magazine, water problems have been the historical main cause of litigation of construction defects. Water leakages can occur because of any number of building problems.

Considerations to take when buying a short sale

The real estate market can be quite complicated at times with constant ebbs and flows of properties that are full of promise. However, sometimes, buyers have to take a risk by considering homes that have been foreclosed or are labeled a "short sale" in Pennsylvania. Despite the sometimes-unsettling reputation that is tied to a short sale, if people understand what considerations to take before looking into purchasing one, they may find their decision to actually be quite successful.