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September 2018 Archives

Reduced acceptance of autonomous vehicles

Most people in Pennsylvania are likely to agree that the ability to improve safety on the road would be something they are interested in. However, just what form that improved safety comes in may not be something that just anyone is actually interested in or willing to embrace. Autonomous vehicles are one innovation that has been touted to have the ability to reduce accidents, thereby improving safety yet it seems that most consumers are not ready to hand over control of their vehicles just yet.

How does the FDA check the safety of medications?

When you are prescribed a medication by a doctor in Pennsylvania, you probably trust that the medication will help you and not cause you further harm. It is in the nature of our government that drugs are carefully screened before you can get your hands on them. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for this drug screening and approval process.

How are leaves on the roadway dangerous?

As summer ends and fall begins, there come new issues to be aware of on Pennsylvania roadways. The changing colors of leaves are sure pretty to look at, but once those leaves start falling they can become a hazard. Leaves on a road can cause many issues, especially if it rains and they are wet.

What is a subcontractor?

On Pennsylvania construction sites, it is very common for some of the workers to be subcontractors. These workers are hired by the main contractor to handle specific jobs. In some cases, all workers are subcontractors. It just depends on the job being done. However, to classify a worker as a subcontractor, there are specific rules that must be followed according to the IRS. This is because subcontractors are treated differently than employees for tax purposes.

Using strategy to negotiate a killer deal on your property

You have recently decided to list your property so you can take the equity and invest into other real estate opportunities. Your goal is to get the highest price you can, but this will require some negotiation on your part. At Gesk Moritz LLC Attorneys at Law, we have helped many people in Pennsylvania to work through the process of transferring a title without giving up too much. 

Negligent ambulance drivers can hurt more than heal

Pennsylvania ambulance drivers have a duty to transport victims to a local hospital so they can receive the necessary treatment to recover from their injuries. Drivers try to go as fast as they can so the patient can recover sooner, but their actions can put themselves, the victim and others in danger if they are not careful.