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October 2018 Archives

A reliable construction manager may reduce problems with defects

With any construction project in Pennsylvania regardless of its size, there are so many moving pieces and parts that have to be coordinated for a successful outcome. Often, many projects have several components that are contracted to third-parties who are responsible for using their competencies to guarantee that a project is safe, functional and built in accordance to specifications for local zoning ordinances as well as the buyer's requirements. 

Can having your own dash camera help in an accident?

You have probably seen dash cameras for sale online and in stores around Pennsylvania. They are becoming quite popular among drivers who want to protect themselves when on the road. You may wonder, though, if these cameras and the footage they capture can really help you in an accident. The short answer is yes, they can help in an accident, according to USA Today.

Advice for homeowners unhappy with hired contractors

Owning a home includes tailoring it to match the landscape of your imagination. Transforming your kitchen, bathroom and any other much anticipated home project requires expertise from the construction industry. However, homeowners want to ensure they are getting what they paid for and agreed upon in the consultation and contract.

Can a contractor take on a job that is too big?

As somebody who is a construction contractor in the state of Pennsylvania, you might be considering avenues to grow your enterprise. Contractors that are eager to establish a favorable reputation will look for big projects that, once completed, they can take to the public as proof that they are ready for large scale, high paying construction jobs. However, rushing into a project that is too big for your company could be a mistake.

How important is the debt-to-income ratio?

If you struggle with debt, you may wonder how it will affect your ability to buy a home in Pennsylvania. When it comes to how lenders decide if they will help you or not, it often comes down to one thing. This is your debt-to-income ratio. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a debt-to-income ratio is the result of dividing your monthly debt by your monthly income.

How can I prepare my home for sale?

If you're thinking of selling your Carnegie home, presenting it in the best possible light is a must. Even an amazing home can be hard to sell if you don't take the right steps, which will allow you to attract a greater number of potential buyers. Forbes offers the following tips so that sellers will rest assured that their homes stand out.