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A reliable construction manager may reduce problems with defects

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Construction Litigation

With any construction project in Pennsylvania regardless of its size, there are so many moving pieces and parts that have to be coordinated for a successful outcome. Often, many projects have several components that are contracted to third-parties who are responsible for using their competencies to guarantee that a project is safe, functional and built in accordance to specifications for local zoning ordinances as well as the buyer’s requirements. 

A construction manager assumes a large amount of this responsibility and is in charge of overseeing a majority of the project’s components to ensure that everyone is doing their job and not cutting any corners. A large part of their responsibility is to be in regular communication with all parties as a sort of liaison who makes sure that no specifications have been missed along the way.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some projects are much too large to be overseen by a single individual. In these circumstances, several people may be hired to oversee a specific aspect of the project. Their duties also include itemizing costs to stay on budget, as well as monitoring design specifications. 

A good construction manager must be able to communicate and present information in a way that can be understood by many different people. Chron.com reminds construction managers of the importance of staying organized to reduce the chances of missing critical details that can lead to delays and legal consequences. A good construction manager can prevent defects from happening with thorough management and active assessment of all activities on a regular basis.