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December 2018 Archives

Are older drivers more likely to have accidents?

People often comment about people being too old to drive. While it is true that as we age, we lose some physical abilities that may make driving more difficult, it does not mean that people should not drive in Pennsylvania as they get older. According to AAA, the reality is that older drivers are actually very safe drivers when compared to other age groups of drivers.

What are common issues in renovating an older home?

Buying an older home and renovating it in Pennsylvania can be a great way to build equity in your home while also being able to ensure the home you buy has everything you want. However, older homes may come with many hidden issues. As you work with your contractor on renovations, some problems may occur. It can help if you prepare ahead of time by becoming familiar with the common issues in older homes.

Starting the new year safely

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many Pennsylvanians are beginning to reflect on what happened in the past 12 months and how they can improve themselves once the clock strikes midnight on December 31. However, all of that reflection as well as any resolutions to improve yourself next year you make in the process will be for naught if you do not make it to next year.

Pennsylvania woman sues manufacturer of faulty implant

A 60-year-old woman in Pennsylvania claims that both she and her husband sustained injuries due to a faulty vaginal mesh implant she received in 2007. The product's manufacturer reportedly ignored warnings that it could cause pain and injury and put the product on the market in 2005 without approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The woman is now suing the pharmaceutical company for knowingly releasing a faulty product. 

Using home equity to one's advantage

When people are looking to buy or sell a property, using the equity they have built in their current residence can be a valuable way to gain advantages that otherwise would be difficult to have. When people in Pennsylvania work hard to manage their debt appropriately and use their money strategically, they can put themselves in an advantageous position for future real estate transactions.