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Are older drivers more likely to have accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Car Accidents

People often comment about people being too old to drive. While it is true that as we age, we lose some physical abilities that may make driving more difficult, it does not mean that people should not drive in Pennsylvania as they get older. According to AAA, the reality is that older drivers are actually very safe drivers when compared to other age groups of drivers.

Senior drivers use more care when driving. They are less likely to be in a hurry. They obey traffic laws more often and they avoid risky behaviors, such as drinking and driving. Despite this, there is something to the idea of being too old to drive.

There does come a point when older individuals should consider retiring their driver’s license. The reality is that the body does become more fragile as we age. Older individuals are at a higher risk for injuries in accidents. Not to mention that health issues also decrease your ability to drive safely. Mental deterioration adds to the risks. Eyes get weaker and reflexes dull as well with age. Many senior drivers are on medication that can cause issues, such as drowsiness. These things add up and increase your accident risks when behind the wheel.

While drivers over 65 years old may be fine to drive, once you reach age 75, it becomes more dangerous to stay on the roads. Your chances of getting into an accident greatly increase. Due to this, it does become more likely that older drivers have accidents than younger ones. This information is for education and is not legal advice.