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February 2019 Archives

Has your employer provided adequate fall protection?

The construction industry routinely ranks among the most dangerous in terms of practitioners suffering serious injuries. Yet if you work in this profession, you likely go to work every day in Carnegie taking comfort in knowing that your employer knows the dangers that you face, and thus puts safeguards in place to protect you from them. Yet if your company follows the trend of many employers in the construction industry, you and your coworkers may not be as safe as you believe. What is most troubling is that the most common safety failures are typically those involving readily apparent hazards. 

Trailers, debris and the risk of an accident

There are many examples of less common auto accident risk factors, such as a driver having a seizure while behind the wheel or someone colliding with another vehicle because they are unfamiliar with the roads in a particular area. While these factors may not cause as many collisions as drunk driving crashes and driving over the speed limit, they are still serious concerns. Moreover, those who pull trailers may become involved in a crash in various ways, and it is vital for you to be mindful of these issues if you have to haul debris or use a trailer for any other reason.

Common construction defects in the winter months

Winter can be the most unpredictable season when it comes to construction. Not many projects are as active due to the colder weather, however it gives some people more reason to contract workers to get their houses or buildings done since they know the workers will become busier during the summer months.

What are third-party claims?

If you have in a car accident or someone suffers an injury on your Pennsylvania property, you will have to deal with insurance companies. During the course of your dealings, you may hear about a third-party claim. This can be confusing if you do not understand insurance industry lingo. However, do not worry, this type of claim is perfectly normal.

How can I get my vehicle ready for winter roads?

There is no denying that when winter weather hits Pennsylvania the roads become treacherous. While driving a large, heavy truck may seem like the best answer to bad road conditions, it is not a feasible solution for most people. If you do not own such a vehicle, there are still some things that you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter road conditions, according to Edmunds.