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March 2019 Archives

Common construction excavation injuries

While construction is never a clean job, some projects require the workers to get even more dirty. Plenty of contractors have had experience creating and operating in large trenches, but others don’t know what sort of dangers lie ahead.

Dealing with a car crash as a professional gamer

Motor vehicle wrecks can be difficult for anyone, but some people have an especially hard time trying to deal with the consequences of a crash. For example, someone who is a professional gamer may find that their entire career has been derailed due to a motor vehicle collision. Not only can these accidents cause gamers to miss key events, but their gaming skills may be permanently shattered due to the accident. For example, they may lose mobility after a wreck, or they may sustain a brain injury that leaves them unable to ever participate at the professional level again.

How can you prepare to become a homeowner?

If you are preparing to purchase your first home in Pennsylvania, there are probably moments where you feel excitement and anticipation for the future. There are probably also moments where you feel unsure of where to begin and nervous about the prospect of owning and caring for your own property. Fortunately, there are proactive steps that you can take as you prepare to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a homeowner. 

What is comparative negligence?

Personal injury cases usually involve one person who was injured by another person's actions. Sometimes, though, the blame does not fall on just one person. In some cases, the injured person may hold some responsibility for his or her injury. The Pennsylvania General Assembly explains that under the law when the injured person holds some of the responsibility for his or her injury, it is comparative negligence.

4 injured, 1 dead in Pennsylvania accident

One young person is dead and four others are injured following a mysterious incident that took place early Sunday morning in Philadelphia on Interstate 95. Because there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding the crash, state authorities have asked the public for any information regarding the identity of a driver who left the scene.

What is title insurance and do you need it?

When you buy a home in Pennsylvania, you will discover that the process involves paying several mysterious fees. One such fee you will have to pay is for title insurance. If you are like most new home buyers, you have no idea what title insurance is or why lenders require it. Hopefully this article sheds some light on the subject.