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May 2019 Archives

Auto accident risks associated with springtime

When it comes to seasonal risk factors that increase the chances of a car crash, many people may focus on hazards that are present during the winter (such as snow, ice, etc.). However, it is imperative to keep in mind that there are all sorts of dangers which may be lurking during the springtime. In this blog, we will examine some of the risks that drivers should watch out for if they get behind the wheel during the spring. Sadly, some drivers ignore these risks and place many lives in danger.

What happens during a title search?

Investing in a new home entails some level of risk. Even if you had an exhaustive inspection performed on the property, there might still be lurking issues that call into question ownership and end up costing you more than you anticipated down the line. That's why having a title search performed is so important. First American explains more on the title search process and why it's crucial for prospective homeowners. 

It doesn't take an accident to grab OSHA's attention

Any construction worker in Pennsylvania should know what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is. While the agency has worked with nearly every industry when there are reports of workplace accidents and violations, few have matched the number of run-ins they’ve had with the construction industry. They have been instrumental in helping thousands of workers get compensation after they suffer on the job.

When can heuristics in healthcare become a problem?

The term "by the book" implies that there is one correct way to accomplish a task, whether that be replacing an air filter or preparing your taxes. You might think the same standard applies to healthcare, and in many situations, it does. There are generally accepted standards of care in each clinical field that help to guide the clinicians delivering care to you and other Carnegie residents. Unfortunately, your body is somewhat more complex than a car or a tax form, and thus healthcare providers are also relied upon to think on their feet when the situation calls for it. The question then becomes are they willing to do so?