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What can you do to encourage your teen to drive responsibly?

Imagine you are sitting in the passenger seat of your car and instructing your teenage child in the basics of driving. Often, these times can be some of the most terrifying and equally laughable moments as you try to help your child understand how to safely operate a vehicle. However, when the time comes for him or her to drive alone, your constant encouragement and vigilance is no longer present. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your child understand the importance of driving safely and responsibly even when it seems that no one is watching. 

Passenger killed when truck plunges through ice, driver flees

When people are driving themselves around Pennsylvania, they have full responsibility over their actions and can feel confident about their safety when they carefully adhere to the rules of the road. However, when they are the passenger in someone else's vehicle, they are subject to the behavior and choices of the driver and may have to deal with consequences if the driver fails to act responsibly. 

Brain injuries: Why you need an attorney

14-year-old Kieran Winter was on her way to a local soccer tournament when a semi-truck broadsided her family's station wagon. Kieran was critically injured, including head trauma, fractured pelvis, lacerated spleen and a punctured lung. After waking up from her coma with left-sided paralysis, Kieran spent the next few months in rehab learning how to redo the basics like eating, walking, and talking before being released home in a wheelchair. Kieran had a traumatic brain injury.

Overcoming the dangerous habit of texting while driving

A surprising number of Pennsylvania drivers can be seen texting while driving. Many seem to believe they are fully capable of managing a virtual conversation while simultaneously navigating their vehicle between road hazards and other drivers, all while following the many rules of the road. On the contrary, this dangerous behavior instantly puts the lives of not only the texting driver, but his or her passengers and all other motorists at risk. 

Pennsylvania road-rage incident leads to man's death

Every day, thousands of Pennsylvania motorists take to the road to travel to and from work, school and family obligations. Often, these motorists rely on their own instincts and education to make responsible decisions behind the wheel. However, sometimes, the careless or dangerous actions of others can put everyone at risk even if they are always driving cautiously and defensively. In some cases, road rage can occur if drivers become overly emotional in response to the frustrating or dangerous actions of other motorists. 

Some car technology puts motorists at risk of accidents

It is common knowledge that smartphones, mobile devices and driving in Carnegie do not mix. According to, in 2015, the number of people who died in car accidents was 400,000. Many of those incidents were because the drivers were distracted. What many motorists do not realize is that there is a bigger danger inside of their cars that often leads to distractions. 

Suggestions for effective car accident prevention

For many Pennsylvania drivers, the freedom of being able to get in their car and travel from one destination to another provides an unlimited degree of flexibility, convenience and enjoyment. However, because there are distracted motorists, bad weather conditions and even poorly designed vehicles, every driver is at risk of danger no matter how careful he or she may be. 

How long should a car seat be kept rear facing?

As a parent, you likely do everything you can to keep your children safe. This includes using the proper car seat when you are traveling in Pennsylvania. However, the recommendations about car seats seem to be changing quite a bit. You may not be completely up to date on what the rules are, especially when it comes to keeping your child rear-facing.

Common car accident injuries

When it comes to car accidents in the Carnegie area, it is hard to believe how disruptive they can until someone becomes injured in one. According to, 40,200 car accident fatalities occurred in 2016. Many accident victims do not get the opportunity to make a full recovery from their injuries. They may have fractures, brain trauma and other serious conditions that can result in disability and death. 

What are Pennsylvania's car insurance requirements?

When you are involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, one of your first concerns will be about car insurance. Most people cannot afford to pay for damages sustained in an accident out of their pocket, so you will naturally want to know if insurance will cover any costs associated with the crash. To prevent you from being stuck paying the bills, the state requires all drivers to carry a minimal amount of insurance.