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Trailers, debris and the risk of an accident

There are many examples of less common auto accident risk factors, such as a driver having a seizure while behind the wheel or someone colliding with another vehicle because they are unfamiliar with the roads in a particular area. While these factors may not cause as many collisions as drunk driving crashes and driving over the speed limit, they are still serious concerns. Moreover, those who pull trailers may become involved in a crash in various ways, and it is vital for you to be mindful of these issues if you have to haul debris or use a trailer for any other reason.

How can I get my vehicle ready for winter roads?

There is no denying that when winter weather hits Pennsylvania the roads become treacherous. While driving a large, heavy truck may seem like the best answer to bad road conditions, it is not a feasible solution for most people. If you do not own such a vehicle, there are still some things that you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter road conditions, according to Edmunds.

Are older drivers more likely to have accidents?

People often comment about people being too old to drive. While it is true that as we age, we lose some physical abilities that may make driving more difficult, it does not mean that people should not drive in Pennsylvania as they get older. According to AAA, the reality is that older drivers are actually very safe drivers when compared to other age groups of drivers.

Can having your own dash camera help in an accident?

You have probably seen dash cameras for sale online and in stores around Pennsylvania. They are becoming quite popular among drivers who want to protect themselves when on the road. You may wonder, though, if these cameras and the footage they capture can really help you in an accident. The short answer is yes, they can help in an accident, according to USA Today.

How are leaves on the roadway dangerous?

As summer ends and fall begins, there come new issues to be aware of on Pennsylvania roadways. The changing colors of leaves are sure pretty to look at, but once those leaves start falling they can become a hazard. Leaves on a road can cause many issues, especially if it rains and they are wet.

What do I have to do to get a license at 16?

Turning 16 is a milestone because it means you are now allowed to begin the process of obtaining a driver's license in Pennsylvania. PennDOT explains that the first step to securing your driver's license is to get a permit, which you cannot get until you are 16. Getting your permit require the completion of the Non-Commercial Learner's Permit Application. This application must include a physical examination and a form completed by your legal guardian. You should also get a copy of the state's driver's manual to study for your upcoming tests.

How is technology used to monitor teen drivers?

As a parent, one of the most stressful times in your child's life is when he or she gets a Pennsylvania driver's license. This is a huge responsibility for your child and one that could lead to serious consequences if abused. It can be hard to let go and trust your child will always do the right thing when behind the wheel. However, if you are very concerned and want to be sure your child is driving responsibly, then you can turn to technology to help you out.

Understanding what is meant by distracted driving

You are commuting to work and thoughts begin circulating in your head about all of the things you hope to accomplish before the day ends. While you are driving to work, you remember that you need to put together an agenda for today's meeting and check your schedule to see when your son's soccer practice is tonight. It would also be nice to finish off that breakfast sitting in the passenger seat before you get to work. At Gesk Moritz LLC, we understand the debilitating dangers of distracted driving and have helped many people in Pennsylvania to become educated about how they can avoid putting their lives at risk. 

Is medical attention after car accidents necessary?

Many people in the Carnegie area do not believe they need medical attention after they have been in a car accident. However, some accident victims sustain life-threatening injuries and require immediate emergency care. Others, who end up with minor injuries may need medical attention and not even know it.