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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

Is it better to renovate or rebuild a home?

You might think a renovation project is just what your home needs. However, not all Pennsylvania renovation projects are all that they are cracked up to be. Sometimes they turn into money pits, reveal new problems, and by the end the homeowners involved may wish they had torn down the house and rebuilt it from the ground up. Forbes explains different factors that can make either renovation or rebuilding a home a more attractive option.

Future of pipeline uncertain due to Pennsylvania county lawsuit

Sunoco's construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline was already controversial when three commissioners brought a lawsuit on behalf of Chester County, Pennsylvania, requesting a permanent injunction against the company to halt construction of the pipeline on property owned by the county. 

Has your employer provided adequate fall protection?

The construction industry routinely ranks among the most dangerous in terms of practitioners suffering serious injuries. Yet if you work in this profession, you likely go to work every day in Carnegie taking comfort in knowing that your employer knows the dangers that you face, and thus puts safeguards in place to protect you from them. Yet if your company follows the trend of many employers in the construction industry, you and your coworkers may not be as safe as you believe. What is most troubling is that the most common safety failures are typically those involving readily apparent hazards. 

How should I handle contractor issues?

If you hire someone to build a home or other structure for you in Pennsylvania, you expect that person to do a good job. When a problem arises, you need to make sure you handle it properly. If you do not, you could end up with a half-finished project and a very angry contractor. HGTV explains approaching your contractor in the right way can make it easier to resolve issues and get the project back on track.

What are common issues in renovating an older home?

Buying an older home and renovating it in Pennsylvania can be a great way to build equity in your home while also being able to ensure the home you buy has everything you want. However, older homes may come with many hidden issues. As you work with your contractor on renovations, some problems may occur. It can help if you prepare ahead of time by becoming familiar with the common issues in older homes.

Can you plan ahead to prevent costly construction disputes?

When you are preparing to begin construction on a new project in Pennsylvania, you will undoubtedly run into challenges and obstacles along the way. Having a predetermined method for mitigating these setbacks and finding amicable solutions is critical in reducing the chance that a costly dispute will end up destroying the outcome and success of your project. 

A reliable construction manager may reduce problems with defects

With any construction project in Pennsylvania regardless of its size, there are so many moving pieces and parts that have to be coordinated for a successful outcome. Often, many projects have several components that are contracted to third-parties who are responsible for using their competencies to guarantee that a project is safe, functional and built in accordance to specifications for local zoning ordinances as well as the buyer's requirements. 

Can a contractor take on a job that is too big?

As somebody who is a construction contractor in the state of Pennsylvania, you might be considering avenues to grow your enterprise. Contractors that are eager to establish a favorable reputation will look for big projects that, once completed, they can take to the public as proof that they are ready for large scale, high paying construction jobs. However, rushing into a project that is too big for your company could be a mistake.

What is a subcontractor?

On Pennsylvania construction sites, it is very common for some of the workers to be subcontractors. These workers are hired by the main contractor to handle specific jobs. In some cases, all workers are subcontractors. It just depends on the job being done. However, to classify a worker as a subcontractor, there are specific rules that must be followed according to the IRS. This is because subcontractors are treated differently than employees for tax purposes.

What are the types of construction delays?

When you are having something built for you in Pennsylvania, one thing you never want to hear is that the project is delayed. Delays can happen on a construction site for many reasons. Understanding what can cause delays can help you to avoid issues with contractors in the future.