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Building boom means continued focus on construction safety

The Pittsburgh area is in the midst of a building boom, and the construction industry has applauded by providing hundreds of workers to participate in a number of projects that include constructing three new hospitals, offices, apartment complexes and $6 billion chemical plant.

Common residential construction defects to watch out for

Unfortunately, the high costs of construction are not a guarantee of quality workmanship and construction defects are relatively common. Some defects are small, merely detracting from the overall aesthetic of the residence. Others are severe and pose a safety hazard to the residents.

Tragedy in the blink of an eye, or nod of the head

When truck drivers drowse bad things happen. A survey of current news headlines highlight this danger: "Dozing OC truck driver causes dramatic crash." "Tractor-trailer driver falls asleep, hits 4 other trucks on I-81 South." "Deadly bus crash truck driver to stand trial." "Semi rolls over on I-69 near Emmett after driver falls asleep."

Your dream home is defective. Now what?

You spend months, no, years planning your dream house and finally you see it coming to life right before your eyes. There are truly few things as exciting as watching your home plans take shape. However, the dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare when you realize that the builder you worked with cut corners, leading to defects.

What remedies do you really have after a breach of contract?

As a homeowner or small business owner, you feel good when you’ve finished negotiating a contract and your deal is in writing. You may have some lingering concern that you could have negotiated a better deal. You might wish it wasn’t going to cost so much. But ultimately, you had a project you needed done and now you’ve got a contract. You’re on your way.

Why you need an attorney after a trucking accident

Whether you are driving on I-79, I-376 or the Turnpike, you know that Western Pennsylvania highways do not have a shortage of tractor-trailers on them. Unfortunately, these behemoths are still causing far too many accidents in our region. Many of these accidents result in catastrophic injuries or even death to innocent drivers and passengers.

Common examples of construction defects

Building a new home is one of life’s happiest and most stressful moments. There is the thrill of enjoying everything a new house has to offer: a place to call your own, peace and quiet, custom features, etc. However, because it is also likely to most expensive transaction you will ever make, you want to make sure everything is just right.